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Volkswagen classic bus enthusiasts have been desiring it's coming back such in its previous splendor era, and bringing it back to be a legend forever.

We wish it will not disappear and lose its glory as time goes on.

We are not sellers, agents or dealers. We are merely a mediator!
Our mission is to share and give information to VW bus enthusiasts, whilst we are admiring that the VW bus is a valuable and great vehicle to buy..
Everyone is welcome to post and advertise for free to sell the BUSS..


Hey there, folks! Got a VW Type 2 (VW Bus) to sell? Awesome news – you can slap up your ads for FREE, no membership required! But hold onto your hats, buyers! If you're eyeing that sweet Bus, mark your calendars because a face-to-face meetup is non-negotiable. Stay savvy, steer clear of scams, and always shake hands with sellers in the flesh when it's time to flash the cash! More...