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Factory Restorations Of The Volkswagen Bus

Apr 7, 2012

Factory Restorations Of The Volkswagen Bus

Volkswagen to offer factory restorations Of the iconic Volkswagen Bus

Confused about your VW bus rotting in the warehouse? I have some great news for you! Volkswagen has come up with a solution that might be exactly what you've been looking for - Hanover factory restorations of the Volkswagen Bus.

Volkswagen understands the value of the legacy it created with the VW Bus and knows exactly what you need. In the city of Hanover, Germany, where the original Type 2 Bus was produced, they have built a facility dedicated exclusively to preserving the legacy of the iconic VW Bus and its variants. The facility is staffed with a team of trained mechanics, including a technological historian and an event planner, who have already restored about 100 vehicles for internal use.
More valuable than an American muscle car?

"Immaculate VW microbus sold for more than muscle/classic cars at Barrett-Jackson auction."

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VW Bus Restoration Facility

The best part is, that Volkswagen has now announced that they will offer their VW Bus restoring services to external customers. Just like many other automakers, Volkswagen will handle your vehicle and give it a full restoration, starting from scratch and adhering to the highest standards of the original factory. Your VW Bus will be restored to its original condition, just like it was on the very first day when it was born.

All of this is possible thanks to the Commercial Vehicle Oldtimers department, which was established by Volkswagen in 2007 and is behind this outstanding initiative.

VW T1 Under Restoration

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