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VW Bus 23 Window Deluxe 1963

Jun 10, 2012

VW Bus 23 Window Deluxe 1963

Exploring the Timeless Elegance of the VW Bus 23 Window Deluxe 1963


The VW Bus 23 Window Deluxe 1963 stands as an emblem of vintage charm and enduring craftsmanship. Tucked within its nostalgic frame lies a story of meticulous restoration and cherished ownership, spanning over two decades.

This particular model, a late 1963 variant titled as a 1964, epitomizes the essence of authenticity. Its restoration, undertaken a decade ago, strikes a delicate balance between preserving its original allure and ensuring practical functionality. With approximately 3000 miles since its revival, this bus beckons not only as a showpiece but also as a companion for exhilarating drives along scenic routes.

Year 1963
Type T1B
Model 23 Window Deluxe Walk-through Sunroof
Color Beige Grey - Sealing Wax Red
Engine 1600cc Dual Carbs
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Excellent

What sets this 23 Window Deluxe apart is its lineage; it remains true to its origins, devoid of amalgamations from disparate sources. Minimal rust and careful refurbishment underline its structural integrity, with replacements limited to essential components like the battery tray and cargo door rocker.

Under the hood, a 1600cc Dual Carbs engine powers this marvel, harkening back to its German lineage. Its Beige Grey-Sealing Wax Red exterior exudes timeless elegance, while its walk-through sunroof invites a connection with nature on every journey.

In summary, the VW Bus 23 Window Deluxe 1963 encapsulates more than just a mode of transportation—it embodies a heritage, a passion, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. As it gracefully cruises through time, it remains a testament to the enduring allure of classic automotive craftsmanship.

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