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1961 Westy SO34 Flipseat, Very Clean

Aug 25, 2012

1961 Westy SO34 Flipseat, Very Clean

A Collector's Dream: The 1961 Westfalia SO34 Flipseat Camper Bus


1961 Westfalia SO34 Hatch Top Flip Seat Camper Bus 11 window, Very Clean, Show Winner! This Camper include the original Westfalia Wood Slat Roof Rack, the accessory Folding Ladder, a very clean rebuilt Stale Air 40hp Engine, Bullet Turn Signals, Early Round Taillights, accessory Cargo Door Step, working Sapphire I Radio, the Flip Front Seat, Colorado Collector Series License Plates.

This very presentable 1961 SO34 Westfalia Camper is very nice looking and a great driver and multiple show winner, too. By 1995 it was completed and started to amass quite a collection of trophies and awards at the many shows he drove it to.

Condition: 1 Exceptional
(the highest professional standards or a perfect original car in every area, appearing and driving as new)

Year 1961
Type T1B
Model Westfalia SO34 Flipseat Camper
Color Cumulus White and Sea Blue
Engine 1500cc Air Cooled 40hp
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Excellent

The Volkswagen Westfalia camper van is a beloved icon of freedom and adventure. But among enthusiasts, a rare gem stands out: the 1961 Westfalia SO34 Flipseat. This isn't your average camper; it's a piece of automotive history with a winning pedigree.

This particular 1961 SO34 Flipseat boasts exceptional condition, earning a perfect "1 Exceptional" rating. Imagine a classic car that appears and drives like new – a true testament to meticulous care and restoration. The iconic two-tone paint scheme of Cumulus White and Sea Blue complements the chrome details for a timeless aesthetic.

What truly sets this Westfalia apart is the SO34 designation. This refers to the unique "Flipseat" configuration. Unlike later models with swiveling seats, the SO34 features a forward-folding bench that converts into a bed. This innovative layout offers a glimpse into the early design choices of Westfalia, prized by collectors for its originality.

Beyond its rarity, this 1961 Westfalia boasts an impressive resume. The listing mentions "multiple show winner," hinting at a history of admiration and competition success. It's easy to imagine this meticulously restored camper turning heads and collecting trophies at car shows.

This Westfalia also comes equipped with a treasure trove of original and period-correct accessories. From the Westfalia wood slat roof rack and folding ladder to the Sapphire I radio and Colorado collector plates, every detail adds to the car's authenticity and charm.

Owning a 1961 Westfalia SO34 Flipseat isn't just about acquiring a vehicle; it's about acquiring a piece of automotive heritage. It's a chance to experience the ingenuity and spirit of early camper van design, all wrapped up in a stunning and award-winning package.

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