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1965 21 Window Bus

Feb 22, 2013

1965 21 Window Bus for Sale

Rediscovering Classic Charm: The 1965 21 Window Bus


In the realm of vintage automobiles, few icons hold as much allure as the 1965 21 Window Bus. A testament to Volkswagen's enduring legacy of craftsmanship and design innovation, this Microbus Deluxe exudes timeless charm and functionality. Located in Fullerton, California, USA, this meticulously restored beauty awaits a discerning enthusiast to embark on new adventures.

Built in 1965, this T1C model boasts the coveted 21 Window Samba Deluxe configuration with a sunroof and walk-through feature, making it a rare gem among collectors. Its elegant Pearl White exterior, accentuated by Velvet Green highlights, evokes a sense of nostalgia and sophistication.

Year 1965
Type T1C
Model 21 Window Samba Deluxe, Sunroof, Walk-through
Color Perl White - Velvet Green
Engine Air cooled 1500cc Singel Carb
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Very Good

  • New headliner
  • Complete repaint from the belt line up
  • Repaint all inside dash, front floor, etc
  • Prep and paint cargo floor
  • All new seals
  • Prep and undercoat the undercarriage
  • Powder coat wheels
  • All new seat covers and door panels
  • New cargo floor mat
  • New steering wheel
  • The engine was rebuilt 1,200 miles ago and was made 12 volt. 
  • The transmission works very good with no problems. 
  • Rust free Bus that we undercoated.

Underneath its classic exterior lies a meticulously maintained 1500cc air-cooled engine, equipped with a single carburetor for optimal performance. Having undergone a recent rebuild, this powertrain ensures reliability and smooth operation, with the conversion to 12-volt adding modern convenience to its vintage appeal.

The restoration journey of this 21 Window Bus exemplifies dedication to preserving its authenticity while enhancing its functionality. From a complete repaint to the meticulous attention to detail in the interior, every aspect has been carefully curated to uphold its original charm.

Noteworthy upgrades include a new headliner, fresh seat covers, and door panels, ensuring both comfort and style for passengers. The cargo area receives equal attention with a new floor mat and undercoating, guaranteeing durability for years to come.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this Volkswagen Microbus excels in practicality and performance. Its rust-free chassis, coupled with undercarriage undercoating, promises longevity and reliability, while the transmission operates seamlessly, offering a smooth driving experience.

Whether embarking on cross-country road trips or simply cruising down nostalgic lanes, the 1965 21 Window Bus stands as a symbol of freedom, adventure, and the enduring spirit of the open road. Its timeless design and meticulous restoration make it a sought-after collector's item, inviting enthusiasts to rediscover the joy of classic motoring.

For those captivated by its allure, this Volkswagen Microbus Deluxe represents more than just a vintage vehicle; it embodies a bygone era of carefree exploration and boundless possibilities, waiting to be relived and cherished for generations to come.
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