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1966 T1 Volkswagen Splitscreen

May 17, 2013

Exploring the Charm of the 1966 T1 Volkswagen Splitscreen

Price: 49.500 Euro

The 1966 T1 Volkswagen Splitscreen stands as an iconic symbol of automotive history, captivating enthusiasts with its timeless design and enduring appeal. Currently available for sale in Holland at an attractive price of 49.500 Euro, this meticulously maintained vehicle exudes elegance in its Cumulus White and Sealing Wax Red color combination.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this left-hand drive model boasts a 1600cc engine and presents itself in very good condition, reflecting the meticulous care it has received over the years. Its 11-window standard transporter model further enhances its allure, offering both functionality and style.

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Year 1966
Type T1C
Model 11 Window Standard Transporter
Color Cumulus White and Sealing Wax Red
Engine 1600cc
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Very Good

Whether for collectors or admirers of classic automobiles, this T1 Volkswagen Splitscreen presents an opportunity to own a piece of automotive heritage. With the option for worldwide delivery and the provision of Dutch or German papers, acquiring this timeless gem has never been more convenient. Don't miss the chance to experience the nostalgia and charm of the T1 Volkswagen Splitscreen firsthand.

Contact Information
Name: Patrick klok

Location: Holland
We assist in worldwide shipping
Buyer is responsible for vehicle pickup or shipping

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