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1973 VW Camper 1800cc

May 22, 2013

Cruisin' in Comfort: The Alluring 1973 VW Camper Van


This lovingly preserved 1973 VW Camper Van, listed as "SOLD" but forever archived in the annals of vanlife dreams, embodies the spirit of open roads and endless summer. Crafted in Germany, this T2B Westfalia Bus boasts a powerful 1800cc engine, ready to propel you towards adventure.

The gleaming white exterior hints at the well-maintained condition of this classic. Perhaps it's envisioned with a surfboard strapped to the roof, or a colorful awning extended for that perfect campsite setup. Nicknamed the "Volkswagen Camper," "Westy," or even "Bulli," these iconic vans have transcended mere transportation, becoming symbols of freedom and exploration.

Year 1973
Type T2B
Model Pop Top Camper Van
Color White
Engine 1800cc
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Very Good

This particular gem comes with Left-Hand Drive (LHD) configuration, ideal for exploring Europe or anywhere that embraces this driving style. Originally equipped with Dutch papers, the possibility of acquiring German or Belgian paperwork broadens its international appeal. For those seeking the ultimate adventuremobile, worldwide shipping is even available.

While this specific 1973 VW Camper might be spoken for, its listing serves as a potent reminder of the enduring charm these vehicles possess. They're more than just vans; they're rolling testaments to a simpler time, a love for the journey, and the allure of hitting the road less traveled. So, fire up your imagination and envision yourself cruising down the coast, windows open, hair blowing in the breeze - all thanks to the timeless appeal of the Volkswagen Camper Van.
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