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82 Vanagon Westfalia. Only 46k miles (73k KM)

Aug 22, 2013

1982 Vanagon Westfalia

Calling All Adventurers (This One Already Found Its Home, But Keep an Eye Out!) : A Look Back at a Mint-Condition 1982 Vanagon Westfalia


Have you ever dreamt of cruising down the open highway, the wind whipping through your hair, and endless adventure waiting around every bend? Well, let this story be your inspiration! This immaculate 1982 Vanagon Westfalia, while already snatched up by a lucky adventurer, embodies the spirit of exploration and the timeless appeal of these legendary camper vans.

This specific beauty boasted an unbelievably low mileage of only 46,000 miles (73,000 kilometers). Yes, you read that right! With an odometer reading that low, you could practically say this beauty was just getting broken in. Imagine hitting the road in a Vanagon Westfalia that felt brand new – it's practically unheard of!

Year 1982
Type T3
Model Westfalia Vanagon
Color Ivory
Engine Air-cooled 1,584 cc Single Carb
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Good

A Classic in Pristine Condition
The Ivory-colored bus wasn't just about the miles; it was in phenomenal condition. It was a prime example of the iconic Vanagon Westfalia design, meticulously maintained and lovingly cared for over the years. Finding one this pristine is a rare sight – a true testament to the enduring legacy of these vehicles.

Built to Explore, Ready for Anything
This wasn't just a pretty face; this Vanagon Westfalia was a full-fledged adventure mobile. Everything, and we mean everything (except the clock, but hey, who needs a clock when you've got the open road as your guide?), was in perfect working order. Pop open the hood and you'd find the original air-cooled 1,584 cc single carburetor engine purring like a kitten. It's as reliable as they come, ensuring the previous owner could embark on their journey with complete confidence.

More Than Just a Vehicle, It's a Lifestyle
Owning a Vanagon Westfalia isn't just about buying a car; it's about embracing a lifestyle. It's about spontaneous weekend getaways, starlit nights spent camping under the Milky Way, and the thrill of discovering hidden gems off the beaten path. This van was a ticket to freedom, a passport to adventure, and a canvas for creating memories that would last a lifetime for the lucky buyer.

A Once-Loved Gem
While this particular 1982 Vanagon Westfalia has already found a new home, its story serves as a reminder of the incredible opportunities that await those seeking adventure on four wheels. The hunt for a well-maintained classic Vanagon Westfalia is a worthy pursuit, and with some patience and persistence, you might just find yourself behind the wheel of your own piece of automotive history.

Keep the Dream Alive!
So, what does this mean for you, the adventurous soul? Don't despair! This story is a spark to ignite your own journey. Start your research, keep an eye out for listings, and be ready to pounce when the perfect Vanagon Westfalia crosses your path. After all, the open road awaits, and a classic Vanagon Westfalia could be the perfect companion for creating your own unforgettable adventures.

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