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VW Bus 1962

Aug 4, 2013

Restoring History: The 1962 VW Bus Wreck


In the annals of automotive history, few vehicles evoke the same sense of nostalgia and adventure as the iconic Volkswagen Bus. Amidst the flurry of modernity, the allure of a classic VW Bus still captivates enthusiasts worldwide. Such is the case with a 1962 VW Bus recently unearthed in Sweden, albeit in dire need of restoration.

Listed as a wreck with a condition rating of -3, this relic from the past presents both a challenge and an opportunity for enthusiasts with a penchant for restoration projects. Despite its dilapidated state, the bus comes with a treasure trove of original parts, including intact sides, front and rear doors, and a motor accompanied by a petrol heater.

Condition: -3 Wreck
(the highest professional standards or a perfect original car in every area, appearing and driving as new)

Year 1962
Type T1B
Model 11 Window Standard Bus
Color White and Blue
Engine ASK
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Wreck

up for sale its a bus in huge need to work before it can be used !
on the good side lots of parts comes with it..
original sides "both left and right"
together with front and rear doors.
all original and all in nice condition with very little rust..
the motor is there together with a petrol heather
please don't mail me with negative comments about the bus..
im aware its i bad nick. therefore im selling it bloody cheap
the bus is located in mid Sweden, approx 500 km from Gothenburg
documents for the car can be obtained from the Swedish registration office.
i have been in contact with them and they affirm these.
of course ill send a documents with all the information needed for registration
it in the UK.
im selling the bus dirt cheap.. so if you want to make a huge bargain AND have
possibility to work in a garage.. these is your chance!

The seller, cognizant of the bus's condition, offers it at a remarkably low price, making it an enticing prospect for those willing to invest time and effort into its revival. Situated in mid-Sweden, the vehicle awaits its fate, beckoning to those with a passion for automotive restoration.

While the road to restoration may be arduous, the end result promises to be a testament to both craftsmanship and dedication. With proper care and attention, this 1962 VW Bus has the potential to once again roam the streets, serving as a tangible link to a bygone era of motoring excellence.
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