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1963 Volkswagen Standard Bus

Oct 3, 2013

Vintage Charm on Wheels: The 1963 Volkswagen Standard Bus


Nostalgia meets functionality in the iconic 1963 Volkswagen Standard Bus, a timeless gem of automotive history. Located in Michigan, USA, this meticulously maintained classic boasts a unique blend of originality and modern upgrades, making it a sought-after piece for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Crafted in Germany, this 11 Window Standard Bus sports a striking Blue White and Turquoise color scheme, evoking a sense of retro charm. Its 1776cc Dual carbs engine ensures a smooth ride, while Wolfgang spindles and KYB white shocks contribute to its impeccable handling.

Year 1963
Type T1B
Model 11 Window Standard Bus
Color Blue White and Turquoise
Engine 1776cc Dual carbs
Assembly Line Germany
Condition excellent

The body was painted with DuPont Chroma Premeir single stage paint. The paint and body lines are beautiful, very straight bus.

The interior is almost all original and complete seat, door panels, middle and rear seats, floor mats. Sapphire two AM/FM radio.

The engine is a 1776, with a new mag case, Berg sump and Berg pulley counter weighted crank ported 040 heads with Kadron Carbs. There is a Mazda RX7 radiator cooler along the frame rail, very nicely installed.

more detail and pic visit www.lanemotorcar.com

Externally, the body's DuPont Chroma Premier single stage paint shines brilliantly, accentuating the bus's sleek lines. Inside, the nearly original interior exudes authenticity, complete with seats, door panels, and a Sapphire two AM/FM radio, transporting passengers back to the golden era of motoring.

Under the hood lies a powerhouse of performance enhancements, including ported 040 heads with Kadron Carbs and a Mazda RX7 radiator cooler, meticulously installed for optimal efficiency.

For those captivated by its allure, detailed specifications and additional images are available on www.lanemotorcar.com, inviting enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the timeless beauty of the Volkswagen Standard Bus.

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