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VW Pick Up Split Window

Sep 18, 2015

Restoring the Legacy: 1961 VW Pick Up Split Window


In the realm of automotive history, few icons stand as tall as the Volkswagen Type 2, affectionately known as the "VW Bus" or "Transporter." Among its many variations, the 1961 VW Pick Up Split Window holds a special place, embodying the rugged charm and utilitarian spirit that defined an era. Located in Saint-Robert, Canada, this particular specimen, though in need of tender loving care, whispers tales of bygone adventures and promises restoration enthusiasts a canvas for revival.

Crafted in 1961 on the assembly lines of Germany, this Dove Blue beauty boasts a 1600cc engine, housed within a Single Cab configuration—a testament to simplicity and functionality. Despite the wear and tear of time, its essence remains intact, awaiting skilled hands to breathe new life into its weary frame.

Year 1961
Type T1
Model Single Cab
Color Dove Blue
Engine 1600cc
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Fair

Details by owner
Vw bus Split window 1961, need a full Restoration, the frame Need to be done, but seems to be easier to do on pick up than on a bus. There is no back bumper. The front bumper is pretty good. VIN is there, but no ownership.
There is a engine but need to be done. All the window are good.the transmission is there, a standard for sure. The ashtray is there.

i don't have any others pictures right now. Stored inside.

Vw pick up Split window 1961 a besoin d'une restauration complète, the frame doit être refait mais semble plus facile à faire sur un pick up que sur un bus N'a pas de bumper arrière, plaque orignal a la place de la radio, le volant paraît bien, et le cap au centre est là. Numéro de série en place mais je n'ai pas les enregistrements.

Je n'ai pas d'autres photos pour le moment, présentement entreposer à l'intérieur.

As archived records indicate, the VW Pick Up Split Window currently sits as a restoration project, beckoning forth those with a passion for automotive craftsmanship. While its exterior may bear the scars of years gone by, the soul of this vintage treasure remains resilient, evoking nostalgia for a simpler era of motoring.

The journey towards restoration reveals both challenges and rewards. The owner's testament speaks of a canvas awaiting its artist—the frame, though in need of attention, offers a promising starting point for those embarking on the restoration journey. Inside, the echoes of yesteryears resonate through the intact windows and the faithful transmission, awaiting resurrection.

For prospective buyers and restoration aficionados, the allure of the VW Pick Up Split Window lies not only in its tangible components but also in the intangible promise of reliving a piece of automotive history. While the road to restoration may be fraught with obstacles, the destination—a revitalized symbol of automotive heritage—is well worth the endeavor.

In conclusion, the 1961 VW Pick Up Split Window stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Volkswagen's Type 2 lineage. Through skilled hands and unwavering dedication, this relic of the past has the potential to once again grace the open roads, serving as a tangible link to a bygone era of motoring splendor.

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