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Rare Brazilian VW Single Cab Karmann Ghia

Oct 26, 2015

Rare Brazilian VW Single Cab Karmann Ghia: A Timeless Classic Ready for the Road


Nestled in the automotive archives of Brazilian history lies a gem of rarity and elegance: the 1991 VW Single Cab Karmann Ghia. Hailing from the bustling streets of Centro Campinas, Brazil, this late second-generation Type 2 pickup truck, affectionately known as the T2C or Late Bay Window coming from Brazilian assembly line, captures the essence of automotive craftsmanship.

Crafted by the esteemed hands of Karmann Ghia for Brazilian Volkswagen, this limited production marvel boasts a modern engine with a mere 41,385 original miles, a testament to its impeccable care and preservation. Presented in a timeless beige hue, its exterior exudes a flawless allure, devoid of any dents or rust, standing as a testament to its meticulous maintenance over the years.

Year 1991
Type T2
Model Single Cab
Color Beige
Engine BOXER 1.600 cc Double Carb
Assembly Line Brazil
Condition Very Good

Detail by owner
VW RARE- 1991 VW Bus Single Cab Original BRAZILIAN Price: US$ 15000

Vw Brazilian Bus Single Cab Karmann Ghia in 1991/1991
(single model karman Ghia this year the sale in Brazil)
RARE special model here in Brazil!
Exclusive model made in Brazil Vw and Karmann Ghia
Few units manufactured this model in Brazil
Mileage : 41.385 miles
1600 boxer engine, dual carburetor gas
Tapestry, glass and mechanics 100% original
Never had an accident, never been restored
Has owner manual Original Portuguese!!
Last trip was to visit the annual meeting of Classic and Antique Vehicles distance traveled 350 miles
Vehicle is in the state of Sao Paulo,
Campinas City 01 hour's drive of the city of Sao Paulo
vw bus belonged to the Brazil club

Note: the value does not include transport costs.

Under the hood lies a robust BOXER 1.600 cc Double Carb engine, delivering both power and efficiency to conquer the roads ahead. As the proud owner recounts, this Brazilian beauty has never suffered an accident nor undergone restoration, retaining its authenticity and charm for discerning enthusiasts.

But it's not just its pristine condition that sets this VW Single Cab apart—it's the exclusivity of its lineage. A product of a collaboration between VW and Karmann Ghia, this model stands as a rare specimen in the annals of automotive history. With only a handful of units ever produced, its scarcity adds to its allure, making it a coveted treasure among collectors.

Moreover, this VW Single Cab isn't merely a museum piece confined to display—it's a vehicle meant to be enjoyed on the open road. With its recent journey of 350 miles to join the annual meeting of Classic and Antique Vehicles, it proves its mettle as a reliable companion, ready to embark on new adventures with its next fortunate owner.

Priced at a modest US$15,000, this Brazilian marvel beckons to those who appreciate not just the thrill of driving, but the artistry and heritage embedded within each mile. Located just an hour's drive from Sao Paulo, its accessibility ensures that its next chapter awaits with eager anticipation.

In conclusion, the 1991 VW Single Cab Karmann Ghia encapsulates the spirit of rarity, elegance, and adventure—a timeless classic ready to grace the roads of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
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