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1963 VW Bus Kombi 15 Window

Jan 22, 2016

1963 VW Bus Kombi 15 Window

VW Bus for Sale, 1963 VW Bus Kombi 15 Window


This Volkswagen T1 Bus for sale in Santa Clarita, California was built in 1963. It is a 15-window Kombi model, which is one of the most collectible vehicles from the Volkswagen T1 family. The bus has been restored and rebuilt and is powered by a 1600cc air-cooled engine. The owner claims that it runs and drives very well without any issues. The color is the original green (turquoise) and has been painted perfectly. The frame is solid and correctly shaped, and it is hard to find any imperfections. Please read this if you like Volkswagen T1 Bus.

The interior is pretty clean and neat, but there is no middle seat, and it seems to be unfinished. The radio compartment is empty, and the wall upholstery is uncompleted. The middle seat is not installed and not upholstered, which may make it hard to align. The engine looks good, and no leaks were mentioned. However, it is difficult to tell without seeing underneath if it is as strong as the owner claims.

If you are looking for a complete and potential T1 bus, this could be perfect for you. Note that it is offered at a slightly low price of $28K OBO. As always, serious buyers should come and see the bus in person.

Year 1963
Type T1B
Model 15 Window Kombi
Color Blue White - Turquoise
Engine 1600cc Single port Air Cooled
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Good

Owner says
1963 VW bus Kombi 15 window with original green color. The bus has been restored with a strong rebuilt 1600 single port motor. It runs great with no issues at all. Brakes have been all redone. The bus has been painted inside and outside and runs on a 12 volt system. I have owned this bus for the last year. The reason I am selling is because I own too many cars and need to get rid of one. Interior has been reupholstered. I have the center seat but it has not been reupholstered.

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