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1970 VW Sundial Hightop Camper

Nov 14, 2016

1970 VW Sundial Hightop Camper

Exploring the Vintage Charm of the 1970 VW Sundial Hightop Camper


Nestled within the realms of nostalgia and adventure lies the iconic 1970 VW Sundial Hightop Camper. Its story unfolds with a rich history, echoing the freedom and wanderlust of a bygone era. Now, amidst the digital landscape of Grant-Valkaria, Florida, this vintage gem emerges from the archives, seeking a new custodian to embark on endless journeys.

Originally crafted in 1970, this Sundial Hightop Camper encapsulates the essence of a bygone era, offering a glimpse into the past while igniting dreams of future escapades. Found within the realms of online listings, its allure is undeniable, beckoning enthusiasts and adventurers alike to delve into its world of rustic charm and timeless appeal.

Year 1970
Type T2A
Model Sundial Hightop Camper
Color Velvet Green
Engine 1904cc
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Fair

Details by owner
1970 Volkswagen Bus Sundial Highroof Camper in great condition considering that she's 46 years old
This bus is originally from California

Asking- $12,000 FIRM

So much to list.. Here it goes

  • A little rust is to be expected and there are some areas that need attention
  • 2000 miles on the almost new 1904cc Stroker motor professionally built
    {This motor was built to run fast, reliably on the road day in and day out cross country}
  • CB Performance straight cut cam gears
  • Dual Webber 44IDF carbs with CB Performance linkage
  • German Bosch 019 Blue Screamer distributor
  • External oil cooler with stainless braided lines
  • Deep oil sump
  • New shifter bushings with Empi trigger reverse lockout shifter
  • Top of the line Heavy duty sway bar
  • Yakima roof rack with custom rain gutter mounts
  • Dual battery setup with Perko switch with Optima blue top battery and Duralast Gold battery
  • New Continental Vanco 2 8ply tires {Best tires you can get for a bus and they're not cheap}
  • New offset wheels
  • German KDF chrome plated hubcaps! Sweet!
  • New steering box
  • Front disc brake conversion
  • Koni racing shocks {Specifically made for VW busses}
  • Both original seats in great condition and extra high back drivers seat
  • Original canvas front cot/suspended bed
  • Original bus crank jack
  • Kenwood detachable face CD player with aux jack
  • Comes with a complete 1983 Westfalia Vanagon camper interior {Needs to be fitted & installed} Cabinets are white with grey trim and cushions on the couch and bed are grey
  • She could use a carb tuning and needs some love but she's 3/4 of the way finished and ready to be taken the rest of the way
  • Needs body work/rust repair around windshield, dash, drivers rear quarter panel and a few other places

Despite its age, the Sundial Hightop Camper stands as a testament to enduring craftsmanship. While a touch of rust may whisper tales of its adventures, the sturdy frame remains unscathed, embodying resilience and durability. A labor of love, its engine has been meticulously rebuilt, promising reliability and performance for miles to come.

As one delves deeper into its specifications, a tapestry of features unfolds, each contributing to its unique character. From the powerful 1904cc Stroker motor to the meticulously curated accessories, every detail tells a story of meticulous care and attention.

Yet, like any relic of the past, this Sundial Hightop Camper bears the marks of time. Awaiting a discerning eye and skilled hand, it beckons for restoration and rejuvenation. With a price tag of $12,000, it stands as a canvas for enthusiasts to breathe new life into, promising adventures yet to be written.

From its humble origins in California to its current resting place in Florida, this Sundial Hightop Camper embodies the spirit of exploration and discovery. With each mile traveled, it weaves tales of adventure and camaraderie, inviting its new owner to become part of its timeless narrative.

In conclusion, the 1970 VW Sundial Hightop Camper transcends mere transportation, embodying a lifestyle of freedom, adventure, and nostalgia. As it awaits its next chapter, nestled amidst the digital archives, it serves as a beacon of inspiration for those who dare to chase their dreams on the open road.

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