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1972 VW Tin Top Camper

Jan 19, 2017

1972 VW Bus Yellow With White Top

Exploring the Timeless Charm of a 1972 VW Tin Top Camper

Price: $4500

Nestled within the vintage charm of Rhode Island, a timeless treasure awaits enthusiasts of classic automobiles: the 1972 VW Tin Top Camper. This iconic Volkswagen Bus, crafted in the early days of the 1970s, embodies the spirit of adventure and the allure of nostalgia.

With its distinctive yellow exterior and contrasting white top, this early bay transporter bus stands as a testament to Volkswagen's enduring legacy. Despite its fair condition, priced at $4500, it beckons to those who seek a slice of automotive history. However, prospective buyers are encouraged to undertake a closer inspection to fully appreciate its unique character and potential.

Year 1972
Type T2A / Early Bay
Model Tin Top Camper
Color Yellow White
Engine 1700 dual carbs
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Fair

Details by owner
1972 VW Bus yellow with white top. Equipped with 1700 pancake engine. With single bench seat. Mileage shows 48,000 miles but actual mileage is unknown. I purchased vehicle in 2006 from Colarado on E Bay.

Beneath its vibrant facade lies a wealth of specifications that define its vintage appeal. From its 1700 dual carbs engine to its assembly line origins in Germany, every detail speaks to the craftsmanship of an era gone by. The Tin Top Camper model offers a promise of adventure, beckoning travelers to embark on journeys filled with memories yet to be made.

As conveyed by the owner, this 1972 VW Bus boasts a rich history, having journeyed from Colorado to find its current home. Equipped with a 1700 pancake engine and featuring a single bench seat, it exudes simplicity and functionality—a perfect canvas for enthusiasts to customize and make their own.

Despite its mileage showing 48,000 miles, the true journey of this VW Bus transcends mere numbers; its story intertwined with the experiences of those who have crossed paths with it over the years. From its days on the roads of Colorado to its present offering in Rhode Island, it continues to capture the imagination of collectors and adventurers alike.

In conclusion, the 1972 VW Tin Top Camper stands as a timeless symbol of freedom, adventure, and the enduring legacy of Volkswagen. With its vintage charm and potential for exploration, it invites enthusiasts to embrace the spirit of the open road and embark on journeys filled with endless possibilities.

Contact Information
Name: Joseph Healey

Location: Park Street Side 2, Pawtucket Rhode Island United States
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