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VW Bus Tin Top Riviera Camper

May 24, 2017

VW Bus Tin Top Riviera For Sale

Explore the Charm of a Vintage VW Bus Tin Top Riviera Camper


Looking for a piece of automotive history that's not just a vehicle but a lifestyle statement? Look no further than this charming 1978 VW Bus Tin Top Riviera Camper, currently available for sale in Seattle, WA. With its rare configuration and well-maintained condition, this vintage camper is sure to turn heads and spark conversations wherever it goes.

Built on the sturdy T2B Bus chassis by Riviera, this camper boasts a unique Dove Blue exterior that exudes retro appeal. Despite its 39 years of existence, the body frame remains remarkably intact, free from the ravages of rust commonly found in older vehicles. With only 77,740 miles on the odometer, it's clear that this camper has been cared for with dedication and attention to detail.

Year 1978
Type T2B
Model Riviera Camper
Color Dove Blue
Engine 2000cc
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Excellent

Details by owner
First of all, I am in BC, but I have a friend in Seattle that could help with titling of the Bus for Export to the USA. This Bus was originally from Tacoma so it should be an easy process for my friend who has plenty of experience with importing VWs.

1978 Riviera Tin Top Camper Bus. Rare in this configuration...eliminating the weight of the pop top gives a more nimble driving feel. Perfect for the show-going couple, but has on original, easy set up Riviera tent if more space is required.

Originally a Washington State Bus. Leisure battery tray was the only significant rust and it has been replaced with glued-in flat plate(functional, but not that pretty). Underside of the rest of the bus is incredible!

All original interior in excellent condition...even has seat covers on front seats(seat vinyl excellent underneath). I have the stove that fits under the back seat in good condition, but I have never used it. I also have the box that fits between the front seats.

There is currently no radio in the Bus as I had to take it out to apply for collector plates here in BC

I recently removed, bead blasted, repainted, and polished(and protect-a-coated) the brass fittings of the propane tank before reinstalling.

I just replaced the push rod tube seals and have taken the opportunity to sand blast and VHT ceramic coat and bake (as per instructions) the entire exhaust/heater system that bolts up to the underside of the engine compartment. See the pics attached.

Never welded, resprayed 4 years ago in Neptune Blue(original colour). It is not perfect, but a good driver paint job.

2L fuel injected, pertronix ignition installed.

Drives well, tons of power, good compression all 4 cylinders, 77740 original miles on odometer.

Riviera Lightweight(nylon) Tent and Original 3/4 length HWE roof rack.

Yes I know the front emblem is too big for a 78! When I got the Bus it sported a spare on the front. The carrier bracket came off easily and it just so happened the holes were the right spacing for a mocked up emblem I cut out of plastic. Sounds hokey, but looks good and funnily enough I get compliments on it, LOL!

Note: A friend pointed out that I included a rear 3/4 view pic where the rear side window has a "Camper Rental" sign in it. I feel as though I should point out that I NEVER rented this camper out because it was just TOO NICE :) . I had thoughts of doing such a business, but I realized it would be a crime to subject this beautiful original condition interior to such a fate....

Under the hood, you'll find a reliable 2000cc engine that provides ample power for your adventures on the road. Inside, the original interior is a testament to the quality craftsmanship of yesteryears, with all components well-preserved and functional. From the cozy seating to the convenient stove tucked away under the back seat, every detail speaks to the camper's rich history and character.

But what truly sets this VW Bus apart is its versatility. While it may lack the iconic pop-top feature, its Tin Top design offers a more nimble driving experience without sacrificing comfort or style. Plus, with the included lightweight Riviera tent and original HWE roof rack, you'll have plenty of options for expanding your living space on the go.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or a first-time enthusiast, this VW Bus Tin Top Riviera Camper is sure to capture your heart. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of automotive history that's as functional as it is stylish. Contact the owner today to arrange a viewing and start planning your next adventure behind the wheel of this vintage gem.

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