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Hard To Find Today, 1958 Binz Double Cab

Dec 5, 2022

1958 Binz Double Cab For Sale

VW Bus for Sale, Hard To Find Today, 1958 Binz Double Cab


Year of construction 1958. Volkswagen T1 Binz Double Cab for sale in Livermore, California, has been restored by the professional. Hard to find today, it's a rare model of the Double Cab Truck made by German coachbuilder Binz based on the VW T1 Bus before the Volkswagen factory made its own this model.

This is a final Double Cab example that was assembled by Binz in 1958, and then a year later factory model was born. Very special Truck is rare of the rarely the fewest ever made, designed as a workhorse so makes it extremely hard to find the survivor today. Asking for $125,000, so is it worth it, seems to be a reasonable price for this truck.

Note: Not for speed junkies or performance enthusiasm, just for those who know what is this.

Year 1958
Type T1
Model Double Cab
Color Ivory
Engine 36 horsepower
Assembly Line German Coachbuilder Binz
Condition Very Good

Detail by Seller
1958 Binz Double Cab #114, Restored!

Those of you who are familiar with the legendary Binz Double Cab are aware that they are the rarest, by far the most interesting, and most desired of all the Double Cabs in the food chain. These "pre-Volkswagen-production" Trucks were built at the Binz Karosserie Coachbuilders and filled a niche of demand for a work truck with space for more passengers than the Single Cabs that Volkswagen was offering during that early era. Binz was clearly onto something and met that market demand so well that Volkswagen themselves tooled up and started official Double Cab production for themselves in the 1959 model year.

There are only approximately 3 dozen or so genuine Binz Double Cabs known to exist in the world today and this example is the 114th Truck that Binz built. It is currently shown in the Binz Registry as being the 7th oldest example known as well as being the oldest of 4 examples in the rare original color of Ivory. Bottom line, it's a very special Truck.

There are so many unique features and details to note on these very early Double Cabs. It seems that the more you study them, the more you notice! Some of the most apparent details include:
*Suicide Cargo Door
*Pressed Bumpers
*Binz Shortened Side Gates
*Long Side Windows
*Binz-only Rear Seat
*Binz-only Coachbuilt Bulkhead Wall
*Seamed Roof/Gutters
*Belly Pans
*Binz Grab Handles
*Original Binz Karosserie Body Tag with production #114 stamping
*Vertical Seam on Driver's Side, Binz specific detail, similar to Single Cabs

Other details to note include:
*Safari Windows
*Hoops and Canvas Canopy
*Industrial Roof Rack
*Accessory Ambulance Fans
*Custom Binz California License Plates

The entire Truck was professionally restored a few years back and it has been driven minimally since completion. Some of you may recognize it from a handful of events it has attended in Northern California.

The body and paint are nice, not overdone, and consistent with how it would have left the Binz factory 64 years ago. Some of the other details to note include the high mounted glass taillights, correct flat decklid for 1958, crankstart rear apron, thick lipped doglegs, flat rear wheel wells, and the truck-only rear pressed bumpers with the sharp corners that contour to the early truck square corners, too.

The interior is beautiful, fresh, and very faithful to original as well. It features the Ivory paint, gorgeous restored 70mph clear needle speedometer which shows approximately 300 miles since the restoration, correct small pebble grain black upholstery, pocketed grey press board door panels, Binz specific cargo door panel, and it has an optional passenger's side sun visor, too.

Mechanically this Binz is a fully turnkey driver, very stock, and features a 36hp engine, split case transaxle, stock suspension and brakes, and a set of radial tires mounted on restored 15 inch Bus wheels with painted commercial hubcaps. I have some video of it starting/running/driving that I can share with seriously interested parties as well.

The opportunity to buy a genuine Binz does not come around often as the world's supply of remaining examples is just so low. Then when you add to that just how abused so many of those remaining examples are, you start to see how special one that hasn't had its ass kicked is! The "before" photos in the photo link below will demonstrate that this one was not a victim but one of the better examples of a base truck prior to the restoration. It was a regular attendee at Volkswagen shows for many years prior to the restoration and is perhaps one of the most recognized Binzs out there.


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