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1978 VW Bay Window Bus Project

Jan 3, 2024

1978 VW Bay Window Bus For Sale

VW Bus for Sale, 1978 VW Bay Window Bus Project


Year of construction 1978. Volkswagen Bay Window Bus for Sale in Durango. We found this one, being offered for sale as a complete project, was listed on Craigslist about a month ago, and was still online when we posted it here.

Vintage Volkswagen Bay Window Bus - Your Ultimate Restoration Project!

Embark on your DIY journey with this unique project VW Bus, ready to be transformed into your ultimate adventure companion! This versatile van is being sold as is, presenting an exciting opportunity for those with a flair for customization and restoration.

A nostalgic journey with this classic Volkswagen Bay Window Bus, a diamond in the rough awaiting your creative touch! While honesty is our policy, it's essential to note that this van is a restoration project, ready to be transformed into a unique masterpiece.

Year 1978
Type T2B
Model Transporter
Color Custom
Engine ASK
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Fair

Walk-through model: It’s not in perfect condition but it has a lot of potential as a base of unique interior features. Previously lived in for a couple of years, the van comes with a solar setup and a diesel heater. Refuel the heater, and envision transforming the interior into a snug haven for your road trips.

Electrical Challenge: A few quirks await your expertise - Tackle the electrical quirks head-on and tailor the wiring to fit your personalized needs, whether it's adding and enhancing the lighting system or a retro sound system, and don't forget modern tech integration.

Sliding Sun Roof: While it currently doesn't work, imagine the possibilities of a refurbished sliding sunroof, letting in natural light and fresh air during your travels. The sliding sunroof yearns for restoration, promising future sunny drives and a breath of fresh air, and could be perfect when you are on the beach or the mountain.

Mechanical Potential: Although it doesn't run at the moment, the issue may just be a new starter away from reviving the engine. Perfect for automotive enthusiasts looking for a rewarding project. The potential is there; a good mechanic might just be the key to reviving this vintage beauty.

Bodywork Ballet: Like any classic, it comes with character - some dings and dents require your attention, inviting the opportunity for your imagination to run wild with a custom paint job or exterior modifications.

Quirky Charm: The sliding side door and exterior handles may need some love, but these eccentricities are a canvas for your imagination, offering the chance to craft a one-of-a-kind entry experience.

This project is a diamond in the rough, waiting for someone with a passion for hands-on restoration. Whether you're a van life enthusiast, a DIY wizard, or an aspiring road-tripper, this is your chance to bring this van back to life and create memories on the open road.


  • Size & Seating: With its iconic Bay Window design, this VW Bus offers ample space for your creativity to flourish. Seating capacity allows for a cozy yet intimate travel experience.

  • Mechanical Potential: The canvas is yours to paint - envision a mechanically enhanced vintage ride that combines style and substance.

  • Classic Vibes: Embrace the retro allure of a bygone era as you restore and customize every inch of this classic Volkswagen.

This Bay Window Bus is more than just a vehicle; it's a project that beckons adventurers, tinkerers, and dreamers alike. Contact: HERE to take the first step in resurrecting this classic and make it your very own statement on wheels. Your journey begins here!

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