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1987 Volkswagen Vanagon GL

May 15, 2024

1987 Volkswagen Vanagon GL for sale

VW Bus for Sale, Adventure on a Budget: Why This 1987 Volkswagen Vanagon GL Could Be Your Perfect Ride

Price: $7,400

Calling all adventurers, road trip enthusiasts, and lovers of classic vans! Are you searching for a reliable and versatile vehicle that can transform into your daily driver and weekend getaway mobile? Look no further than this meticulously maintained 1987 Volkswagen Vanagon GL.

Built to Last: A Reliable Adventure Machine
This Vanagon boasts a clean title and a remarkable condition, especially considering its age. The seller highlights a rust-free body, a testament to the vehicle's care and potentially dry climate history. Furthermore, the recent overhaul of the entire coolant system, new tires, brakes, clutch, and other crucial components like the water pump, spark plugs, radiator, and hoses, ensures this Vanagon is ready to conquer the miles. Whether you're cruising down the highway or venturing off the beaten path, this car's proven dependability will give you peace of mind on your journeys.

Year 1987
Type T3
Model Vanagon Bus
Color Red
Engine 2.1L, 4-speed manual transmission
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Excellent

Double Duty: Daily Driver and Weekend Warrior
The beauty of the Vanagon GL lies in its adaptability. The seller emphasizes its successful use as a daily driver for the past 15 years. This speaks volumes about the car's comfort and functionality for everyday commutes. But when the weekend rolls around, this Vanagon transforms into your adventure companion. With a well-maintained engine and a history of successful road trips, this car is eager to hit the open road and create new memories.

Cosmetically Challenged, Mechanically Sound
While the Vanagon's mechanics are in top shape, the ad acknowledges some cosmetic imperfections. A fresh coat of paint and a replacement for the back bumper and back right side panel are needed. However, the good news is that the replacement panels are readily available at a reasonable price, and the seller even mentions the easy metal work involved. With a little TLC on the exterior, this Vanagon can be restored to its former glory.

An Opportunity for Customization
The needed cosmetic work can also be seen as an opportunity to personalize your Vanagon. Envision a new paint job that reflects your unique style. Perhaps explore aftermarket bumpers or design a custom panel replacement that adds a touch of your personality. The possibilities are endless!

The Final Verdict: Affordability Meets Adventure
The 1987 Volkswagen Vanagon GL presented here offers exceptional value. At a price likely well below newer models, you're getting a mechanically sound and adventure-ready vehicle with a spacious interior perfect for camping trips or weekend getaways. The minor cosmetic fixes required are easily manageable and open the door for customization. So, if you're searching for a reliable and affordable ride to fuel your wanderlust, this Vanagon GL might be your perfect match.


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