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1960 VW Double Door Panel

Aug 27, 2012

1960 VW Double Door Panel

A Rare Gem: 1960 VW Double Door Panel in Sealing Wax Red


Calling all Volkswagen enthusiasts and collectors! This archived listing showcases a stunning piece of automotive history: a highly sought-after 1960 VW Double Door Panel Bus in the original Sealing Wax Red paint color.

This particular model boasts several unique features. The double doors on either side of the cargo area were a rare option back in 1960, offering unparalleled access and versatility for hauling cargo. The original Sealing Wax Red paint adds to the car's charm, hinting at its well-preserved condition.

Year 1960
Type T1B
Model Double Door Panel
Color Sealing Wax Red
Engine 1688cc Air Cooled
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Very Good

The seller meticulously details the vehicle's history and upgrades. The odometer might not reflect it, but this bus has undergone a loving restoration. The exterior was repainted in 1997, while the interior retains its original paint, further solidifying its authenticity. The engine has been upgraded to a 1688cc unit with machined 88s, enhancing its performance without neglecting its classic air-cooled soul.

For VW purists, the details get even better. The seller possesses the original 36hp motor, should one desire a completely stock experience. The original door pockets and panels are also included, untouched and ready for a meticulous installation with the correct rivets.

The "Very Good" condition rating emphasizes the car's overall quality. While not a factory-fresh showroom piece, it embodies the spirit of a cared-for classic, ready to turn heads and create new memories.

This archived listing serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of the VW Double Door Panel Bus. Its unique features, original details, and well-documented history make it a truly special find for any VW aficionado.

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