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1960 VW Kombi Splitscreen

Nov 28, 2012

Rediscover Vintage Charm: 1960 VW Kombi Splitscreen


In the bustling streets of Lisbon, Portugal, lies a treasure from the past: a 1960 VW Kombi Splitscreen, enticing enthusiasts with its timeless appeal. This iconic vehicle, showcased in a striking White and Red color combination, stands as a testament to Volkswagen's enduring legacy.

Despite being an unfinished restoration project, this Kombi Splitscreen exudes a charm that transcends time. Its very good condition, whether upheld to the highest professional standards or as a perfect original, promises an experience akin to driving a brand-new vehicle from the 1960s.

Year 1960
Type T1B
Model 11 Window Kombi
Color Cumulus White and Sealing Wax Red
Engine ASK
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Very Good

Spec-wise, this T1B model boasts 11 windows, adding a touch of vintage sophistication to its Cumulus White and Sealing Wax Red exterior. With its rebuilt engine and German assembly lineage, this Kombi Splitscreen epitomizes the craftsmanship and quality associated with Volkswagen.

For collectors and vintage aficionados alike, this 1960 VW Kombi Splitscreen represents more than just a vehicle; it's a portal to an era of adventure, exploration, and unparalleled style. Whether cruising through Lisbon's historic streets or embarking on a cross-country road trip, this classic beauty is poised to turn heads and ignite imaginations.

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