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1966 VW Kombi 11 Window in Illinois

Jun 13, 2013

Explore the Classic Charm of the 1966 VW Kombi 11 Window


Discover the allure of the iconic 1966 VW Kombi 11 Window, a timeless gem echoing the spirit of adventure and nostalgia. Located in Illinois, this meticulously cared-for vehicle exudes vintage charm in its dove blue exterior, capturing the essence of a bygone era.

Equipped with a robust 1600cc motor boasting a remote cooler, this Kombi promises reliability and endurance on the road. Its performance is exemplified by a consistent oil temperature, even after enduring a 200-mile journey each way at 60mph—a testament to its enduring quality and craftsmanship.

Year 1966
Type T1C
Model Kombi 11 window
Color Dove Blue
Engine 1600cc Single port Air Cooled
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Very Good

Maintaining its authenticity, this Kombi retains its original transmission, ensuring smooth gear shifts without any disruptions. While adorned with new wire harnesses and rubber components, it still preserves its originality with untouched brake drums—a blend of modern reliability and nostalgic authenticity.

Internally, the Kombi radiates cleanliness and comfort, although one seat deviates from its originality—a minor detail amidst the vehicle's overall excellence.

With a Condition rating of 2 Very Good, this Kombi epitomizes the pinnacle of restoration, presenting enthusiasts with a rare opportunity to own a piece of automotive history. From its German assembly line origins to its enduring allure, the 1966 VW Kombi 11 Window beckons adventurers and collectors alike to embark on a journey through time and nostalgia.
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