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1973 VW Rare Tintop Campmobile

Jun 15, 2013

Cruisin' in Comfort: The Alluring 1973 VW Tintop Campmobile


Calling all adventure enthusiasts and vintage car lovers! Behold the 1973 VW Tintop Campmobile, a rare gem that embodies the spirit of freedom and exploration. This meticulously maintained classic, hailing from North Little Rock, Arkansas, is not just a car, it's a passport to unforgettable memories.

Imagine cruising down scenic highways, the iconic two-tone paint job (recent 1973 Beetle Yellow!) turning heads. Pop open the back, and a world of possibilities unfolds. The rear seat transforms into a cozy bed, while the built-in table, icebox, sink, and closet provide all the comforts of a self-contained mini-apartment on wheels. Picture yourself whipping up a simple meal in the fresh air, the gentle hum of the dependable 1600cc engine a constant companion.

Year 1973
Type T2B
Model Tintop Campmobile
Color Light Ivory and Lemon Yellow
Engine 1600cc Single port Air Cooled
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Good

This Tintop Campmobile boasts a rich history, having claimed victory at car shows a remarkable four times. It's evident that this cherished vehicle has been lovingly restored and maintained. The "Very Good" condition rating, exceeding even professional standards, speaks volumes about its quality.

Owning a 1973 VW Tintop Campmobile is more than just acquiring a car; it's embracing a bygone era of carefree exploration. It's about weekend getaways, impromptu adventures, and the thrill of the open road. With a clear title and a price tag reflecting its exceptional condition (around $16,900 according to NADA Classic Car Value), this rare gem presents a unique opportunity for the discerning collector or adventure-seeker. So, pack your bags, fire up the engine, and get ready to write your own story with this remarkable piece of automotive history.
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