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Stainless Steel Bumpers for VW Bus

Jun 25, 2013

Welcome to PTT BUMPERS.

Do you want to get the best stainless steel bumper for your car?
We are confident to assist you in restoring your car become new and luxurious at very reasonable prices. Our bumpers are made from the solid stainless steel grade 304, 1.5- 2mm thickness and polished. The back side of bumper is covered by 3 painted coats to protect bumper from chemicals, weather elements, and these paint coats will make back side more smoothly, wonderfully. The gloss of bumper is shiny like mirror polish, even better than chrome bumper. Our products also will be never rusty, always duplicated from original sample bumpers for fitting, shape, and dimension. This is also the one of the most important things that you have to consider before giving decision to buy bumpers. We are confident to bring satisfying to you through our extensive range of quality bumper cars.

PTT BUMPERS Best replica stainless steel bumper for your Volkswagen bus Please contact Mary by via e-mail Email: ptt-mary[at]sgbumperscar.com from PTT Bumper Company where you can choice the best bumper for your car with a reasonable price and high quality!

Besides the products on stock, we also duplicate other bumpers from original sample for fitting shape and dimension, etc.(100% resemblance compared with original). All models of our bumper for classic cars such as: VW, Volvo, Mercedes, Opel, Jaguar, Ford, Triumph TR3, Borgward, Heinkel and Renual made from solid stainless steel.

We are planning to launch the market some new models, so we are searching for samples from any distributors who can cooperate with us to expand some kinds of products in stainless steel. If you have any ideas - please get in touch!

Thank you so much for looking.

1950-1967 VW Bus T1 split screen stainless steel bumpers

VW Bus T2 stainless steel bumpers

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Name: Mary Ngo

Location: Vietnam
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