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Volkswagen Bus on 2014 Detroit Auto Show

Jan 9, 2014

Volkswagen Bus on 2014 Detroit Auto Show

The 2014 Detroit Auto Show will hold on January 13, so let's prepare to go there.
Who knows we can see a new Volkswagen Bus for 2014, hmm..., not sure...
Let's back to remember the past,

Detroit Auto Show is the big event in the US is an annual auto show held in Detroit, Michigan at Cobo Center, usually in January. It is among the largest auto shows in North America and is a very important event for all worldwide car manufacturers to introduce their products to the North American market, especially in the US. Similarly, with Volkswagen, Detroit Auto Show carry a history of the Volkswagen Bus / Microbus / Transporter.., Why...?

2001 Detroit Auto Show, for the first time Volkswagen showed off a real VW Microbus concept car, and also presented other Microbus configurations on a miniature scale model, such as the panel van, pop-up camper top, was also a pickup, and double cab truck. During the decade after the event, the concept was never produced.

Volkswagen Bus Enthusiast's still waiting...hmmm not really..., Because T2 transporter still produced in Brazil and exported to Europe, more detail please read this.

And then in 2011, the next decade period, Volkswagen showed off the Bulli concept car at the Geneva Auto show, it's the smaller microbus. Volkswagen confirms this is a new microbus for 2014. Hmmm..., is that true? No have a valid answer about this, still, wait and see.

Beautiful Vintage Microbus, are irreplaceable

Cruisin' with Character: Why Vintage Microbuses are Timeless Treasures

The iconic silhouette of a vintage microbus isn't just a vehicle, it's a symbol of freedom, adventure, and a simpler time. These rolling works of art, instantly recognizable with their rounded curves and cheerful colors, hold a special place in our hearts. Unlike their modern counterparts, packed with technology but lacking personality, vintage microbuses offer an irreplaceable charm. They're more than just transportation; they're conversation starters, turning heads wherever they go. Owning a vintage microbus is about connecting with a bygone era, embarking on road trips with a sense of history, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. In a world of mass-produced vehicles, these unique classics offer a connection to a time when cars were more than just machines – they were beloved companions for the open road.

Volkswagen Microbus on 2001 Detroit auto show
Volkswagen Bulli on 2011 Geneva auto show

So we've seen, for more than a decade, Volkswagen has the desire to revive the microbus, twice with different designs concept for each microbus in 2001 and 2011.

But you know..., What's this all about? It's just a research market for Volkswagen, it's my personal opinion.

Let's be positive, on September 2013 Volkswagen closed the Brazilian T2 Transporter production, and release 600's VW Kombi last edition, for more detail please read this.

Maybe this is a real-purpose marketing setup for the new Bulli 2014. Maybe yes... Maybe no..., but the actual issue is new safety regulations had stop the Bus journey.

For the truth... let's come to the event, maybe we got the answer about Newly Volkswagen Bus at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show.

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