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Excellent Scale Models of Vintage VW

Written By Admin on Feb 20, 2014 | February 20, 2014

Excellent Scale Models of Vintage VW by professional scale model builder

Here we got interesting email today, from we are friend VW Bus enthusiast from Poland, Mr Apoloniusz Musialek. He's a professional scale model builder.

This some of sample he's works ready to sold. Allow me present to you a couple of excellent scale models of vintage VW by Mr Apoloniusz Musialek. Probably both are the coolest vintage VW model we've ever seen today.

Volkswagen Transporter

The coolest Vintage VW models

First is the VW T1 in 1/24 scale completed couple of years ago.
It is the model well published in the model magazines accross the world, and model show winner on couple of occasions.

Second model is the 1950 VW Beetle in 1/16 scale.
It was also published in scale model magazines, and VW enthusiast magazines in England, Italy, Spain, and Poland. It was the show winner in Poland, and Holand.

Here is the build blog from the VW T1 model:

Here is the build blog from the VW Beetle model:

He looking into possibility of selling the models if you are interested.
They can be nicely displayed in your room, the dash your bus, the VW office, or the dealership.

Hopefully the models will find the good home that way.
This is the only 2 models he made of the VW, and once sold, will be no more.
He can sell them separately, but I think they make nice pair.

Well that's cool is an it...

Thanks to Mr Apoloniusz Musialek.
If you are interested Click here to email Mr Apoloniusz Musialek directly.

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