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VW T1 Microbus Revival

Feb 15, 2016

VW T1 Microbus Revival

VW T1 Microbus Revival Concept

It has been almost fifty years since the first generation of VW buses, known as the T1, was introduced. However, even today, many people still cherish the classic design of that vehicle over the latest T6 model. The T1's unique character continues to capture the hearts of people of all ages.

David Obendorfer, an industrial design graduate from the MOME Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, created a study during his free time from designing yachts for Officina Italiana Design. He was inspired by the T1's cultural significance as a symbol of the hippie movement of the 1960s, and wanted to bring back its retro charm in a new way.

The Microbus Returns?

Rumors swirled in 2013 about a modern take on the iconic Volkswagen Microbus. Planned for a 2014 or 2015 release, this anticipated vehicle promised to recapture the spirit of the original with a fresh, functional design. Built on a front-wheel-drive platform, it would likely offer turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines, with a possible hybrid option. Though details remained under wraps, the 2014 VW Microbus sparked excitement for a new generation of adventurers.

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VW bus revival concept

Obendorfer's T1 revival concept is more retro and round than the Bulli Microbus and VW's recent official Microbus studies in 2011. It closely resembles the 2001 concept, but with more rounded touches. Interestingly, Obendorfer's idea is feasible, as it can be built on the current VW Transporter T6 platform with a slightly longer wheelbase.

Obendorfer aimed to preserve the original model's spirit while creating a unique personality that plays on curved surfaces, rounded corners, circular headlights, chrome details, and bicolor car paint.

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VW T1 revival interior

The interior also reflects the T1's classic design, with a single circular odometer on the dashboard and a grill pan on top. The layout and design of the seats add a retro touch to the passenger cabin, while chrome details on the door handles and lights enhance the overall aesthetic. With a slightly longer wheelbase and designed on the current VW Transporter T6 platform, Obendorfer's concept is both reasonable and appealing to those who appreciate the T1's timeless style.

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