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1991 Volkswagen Vanagon Portland, Oregon

Oct 7, 2016

1991 Volkswagen Vanagon

Calling All Adventurers: 1991 Volkswagen Vanagon Needs Your TLC (And Maybe a Flat-Six Engine)


Gearheads, nostalgia enthusiasts, and weekend warriors, listen up! A legendary 1991 Volkswagen Vanagon has just landed in Portland, Oregon, and it's itching to hit the open road with its new partner-in-crime. This well-loved classic might not be in perfect condition, but with a little tender loving care (TLC) and some mechanical know-how, it could become the ultimate adventuremobile.

A Diamond in the Rough
Sure, this 1991 Vanagon isn't a concours-winning showstopper. The seller mentions a dent or two (battle scars, perhaps, from years of exploring?) and some features that aren't functioning perfectly. But hey, that's part of the charm of owning a vintage vehicle, right? It has a story to tell, and with a little elbow grease, you can be the one to write the next chapter.

Year 1991
Type T3
Model Vanagon Bus
Color Blue
Engine 2.1L, 4-speed manual transmission
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Good

The Good Stuff: A Solid Foundation
The most important detail? This Vanagon boasts a recently rebuilt engine. That's a massive advantage, giving you a reliable base to build upon. The 2.1L, 4-speed manual transmission is a tried-and-true combination, offering a classic driving experience that connects you to the road.

Let's Talk Potential: Unleash the Beast Within
The seller playfully throws out a tantalizing suggestion: a Subaru or Porsche flat-six engine conversion. Now, that's an idea that would set any gearhead's heart racing! Imagine the surge of power and the confidence of tackling any mountain pass with that kind of grunt under the hood. Plus, pairing a legendary engine with this iconic van would create a truly unique head-turner.

Beyond the Engine: Big Dreams, Bigger Brakes
The seller also mentions the possibility of upgrading the brakes. This is a wise consideration, especially if you plan on adding more power or venturing off the beaten path. Upgraded brakes would provide better stopping power, ensuring your adventures are filled with confidence and control.

The Vanagon Legacy: A Blank Canvas for Adventure
The Volkswagen Vanagon is more than just a vehicle; it's a symbol of freedom, exploration, and the simple joy of the open road. It's a blank canvas waiting for your creativity to transform it into the perfect companion for weekend getaways, epic road trips, or even a temporary home on wheels.

Is This the Vanagon for You?
If you're looking for a pristine, showroom-condition classic, this might not be the one. But if you're an adventurer with a mechanical mind and a thirst for exploration, then this 1991 Vanagon could be your perfect match. Imagine yourself cruising down the Oregon coast, windows rolled down, the smell of pine in the air, and the soundtrack of your favorite tunes filling the cabin. This Vanagon has the potential to be the backdrop for countless memories, and with some TLC and a touch of your own personality, it can be transformed into a true legend.

The Final Verdict: A Project with Potential
This 1991 Volkswagen Vanagon in Portland is a fantastic opportunity for someone who wants to get their hands dirty and create something truly special. Whether you keep it classic or unleash its hidden potential with a bold engine swap, this iconic van is ready to write the next chapter in its story. So, are you ready to answer the call?

Owner says
1991 Volkswagen Vanagon
2.1 L four cylinder engine
4 speed manual transmission

215,000 miles
  • Previous owner had the engine replaced with a rebuilt one. Installed by shop in Washington, have the related paperwork. New power steering lines were installed as well.
  • The Vanagon has been sitting so it still needs some fine tuning. Power windows are not operational.
  • Interior is in good shape. Has the z-bench that turns into a bed.

Great Vanagon for somebody to make their own and does not mind making minor improvements.

Great vehicle for camping, sports, adventures.

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