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VW Shorty Bus By Gas Monkey Garage

Oct 5, 2016

VW Shorty Bus By Gas Monkey Garage

VW Bus for Sale, VW Shorty Bus By Gas Monkey Garage

Very fun to see a cute VW Shorty Bus especially like this condition, as shown here is It's always a joy to see a cute VW Shorty Bus, especially when it's in excellent condition. The one shown here is the first generation Type 2 that was restored and customized by the Gas Monkey Garage team during an episode of their show Fast N’ Loud back in 2014. It was reportedly in exceptionally poor condition when it arrived at the garage, and it was the first VW Bus they had ever worked on. However, the team painstakingly restored it, and the outcome is so cool that it will never let you down. Although it looks like it was built as a show car or only for display, it's a real car that is entirely roadworthy and can be driven very well – although it cannot run as fast as a Ferrari.

Although the year model is unclear, we believe it's from the sixties, which is the most desirable VW bus model. Due to a rise in popularity in recent years, the original shorties are now worth as much as their original wheelbase brethren, making their value significantly high. This bus was sold through a knock-by hammer for $33,000.

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Year 1966
Type T1C
Model Custom
Color Blues White and Turquoise
Engine 2.0-liter engine
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Excellent

Update the bus have been sold through a knock by hammer for $33,000
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