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1963 Volkswagen EZ-Camper Double Door

Written By Admin on Dec 6, 2016 | 10:01 PM

1963 Volkswagen EZ-Camper Double Door

VW Bus for Sale, 1963 Volkswagen EZ-Camper Double Door

Price: $17900

Year of construction 1963. VW EZ Camper being offered for sale in Craigslist. As shown here is a rare model of the T1 bus come with double door and small rear window, all looks promising in photos, has good shape and solid with few rust was reportedly. For dreamers who fantasize about taking on a VW bus restoration project, here’s a lot potential example, that's could be perfect candidate to restored.

Here’s a little reality check from the bus. This undergoing camper project, need interior renovated, need body repair also mechanical checkup to finding its actual conditions. If you’re interested to buy, a closer inspection is a must for accurately calculate.

Restoring a camper van isn’t just about a paint job and a tune up. That’s a hippie fantasy, a vintage camper restoration project requires you to be a mechanic, body expert, carpenter, plumber and electrician all in one. And if you’re not, you must have the financial resources to pay someone else to do.

Volkswagen Transporter
Year 1963
Type T1
Model EZ Camper
Color Pearl White
Engine 1600 cc
Made in Germany
Condition Good

Details by seller
1963 SPLIT WINDOW DOUBLE DOOR CAMPER NO RUST. 1963 Volkswagen EZ-Camper Double-Door - 1963 was the last year with the small rear window. - Original color ruby red present on dashboard and certain other areas. - Very rare EZ-Camper double door camper (LAST two photos attached show more information about this model). - This car is almost rust free (only some slight surface rust). Only known area with rust is floorboard. Replacement floorboard comes with the bus. - 1600 engine is currently getting serviced. I will have better photos and videos once the work is done. - Windows and window rubbers are in good condition. - This car was purchased in Arizona in October 2016. Very dry and honest Arizona car. See photos for all details. - Great car for restoration. Needs paint and upholstery finished. - Has sink, newly upholstered front bench. Small camping table for door. Matching fabric for camper interior comes with bus. - Clear Arizona title. - Has original bumpers in good condition. Add a paint job, finish interior and you have a 40k BUS

If you're interested find this one in Craigslist

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