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Original 1967 VW Bus 13 Window Deluxe

Jul 3, 2017

Original 1967 VW Bus 13 Window Deluxe

Authentic Vintage Charm: Exploring the 1967 VW Bus 13 Window Deluxe


Are you in search of a timeless classic that exudes retro charm and promises a journey back in time? Look no further than the original 1967 VW Bus 13 Window Deluxe, currently available for sale in San Diego, CA. This vintage Volkswagen gem, discovered on Craigslist approximately 29 days ago, continues to capture the attention of enthusiasts seeking an authentic slice of automotive history.

Crafted in the illustrious year of 1967, this T1C model boasts a distinctive 13-window design, reminiscent of an era defined by freedom and exploration. Its blue and white exterior, coupled with iconic Safari windows, evokes nostalgia for a bygone era of adventure on the open road. With seating for up to nine passengers, this VW Bus beckons families and friends alike to embark on memorable journeys together.

Year 1967
Type T1C
Model 13 Window
Color Blue and White
Engine 1600cc
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Good

Detail by Owner
1967 13 window deluxe driver for sale. Bus is a super dry runner. Very original, very reliable. Super solid original bus.

No, "$32k cash" won't cut it, and if you see it/ride in it, you'll know why. So...if you're a serious buyer, come take a look. Serious inquires only please.

Under the hood lies a robust 1600cc engine, ensuring reliable performance that stands the test of time. Assembled with precision in Germany, this vintage beauty retains its original allure, showcasing the craftsmanship and attention to detail synonymous with Volkswagen's heritage.

According to the owner, this 1967 VW Bus is more than just a vehicle—it's a piece of automotive history waiting to be cherished and restored. Its super dry runner status and solid construction attest to its durability and potential for restoration projects. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a first-time enthusiast, witnessing this bus in person is sure to ignite a sense of admiration and appreciation for its authenticity.

Serious inquiries are encouraged, as this prized possession deserves a buyer who shares a genuine passion for preserving vintage automobiles. Priced at a value that reflects its quality and heritage, the owner's insistence on discerning buyers underscores the rarity and significance of this 1967 VW Bus 13 Window Deluxe.

In conclusion, for those seeking a blend of nostalgia, craftsmanship, and adventure, the 1967 VW Bus 13 Window Deluxe stands as a testament to an era of automotive excellence. Don't miss your opportunity to own a piece of history—schedule a viewing today and prepare to embark on a journey through time and style.

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