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1973 Volkswagen Adventure Camper Bus

Jul 3, 2017

1973 Volkswagen Adventure Camper Bus

Rediscovering Classic Freedom: The 1973 Volkswagen Adventure Camper


In the heart of automotive history, nestled in the bustling streets of Ramona, California, lies a gem of nostalgia and adventure—the 1973 Volkswagen Adventure Camper Bus. This remarkable vehicle, crafted in an era when road trips symbolized freedom and exploration, embodies the spirit of wanderlust like no other.

Dating back nearly half a century, this high-top camper model, a creation of Adventure Campers Inc, stands tall as a testament to enduring quality and craftsmanship. Despite the passage of time, it remains in impeccable condition, both inside and out, a true relic from the past preserved for the present.

Year 1973
Type T2B
Model Hightop Adventure Camper
Color White - Orange
Engine 1.8 Liter
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Excellent

Details by owner
1973 Volkswagen Bus Camper has rebuilt engine 2.0L upgrade Automatic Transmission Weber Carbs runs great much more power then stock 1.8L. Owner has owned since new. All stock factory paint no rust California Vehicle must see. Own a true CLASSIC needs nothing. Have all paperwork performed from 1973 to date. Log books on all oil changes and services performed. $21,000 OBO

Under the hood lies a story of resilience and rejuvenation. With its engine rebuilt and boasting an upgraded automatic transmission, this camper exudes reliability and power. The fusion of nostalgia with modern enhancements ensures a seamless journey for its lucky owner, promising adventure without the burden of mechanical woes.

Externally, the camper retains its original allure, adorned in a timeless combination of white and orange—a visual ode to its retro roots. Free from the ravages of rust or dents, it stands as a proud testament to German engineering excellence, a product of the assembly lines in Germany where precision and durability are paramount.

Venturing inside, one is greeted by a space that exudes warmth and comfort—a sanctuary for travelers seeking solace amidst the chaos of the open road. The interior, meticulously maintained, invites occupants to embark on a journey through time, enveloped in the nostalgia of a bygone era.

Presented to the world through the digital marketplace of Craigslist, this Volkswagen Adventure Camper beckons to those with a yearning for authenticity and freedom. Priced at $21,000 or best offer, it stands as a tangible link to a simpler time—a time when the road stretched endlessly before us, inviting us to explore its mysteries.

In conclusion, the 1973 Volkswagen Adventure Camper transcends its status as a mere vehicle; it is a symbol of liberation, beckoning to all who dare to dream of boundless horizons and untold adventures. With each mile traveled, it whispers tales of a bygone era while simultaneously forging new memories for generations to come.

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