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1960 Volkswagen Single Cab

Oct 2, 2017

1960 Volkswagen Single Cab

Restoring the Legacy: 1960 Volkswagen Single Cab


Nestled in the archives of classic automotive history lies a gem from the year 1960 - the Volkswagen Single Cab. Currently up for grabs in Escondido, California, this first-generation VW truck is a testament to timeless design and enduring functionality.

Distinct from its Transporter counterpart, this Single Cab exudes a unique charm that beckons enthusiasts and collectors alike. Presented as a barn find, it offers a rare opportunity for restoration aficionados to revive its former glory.

Year 1960
Type T1
Model Single Cab
Color Grey
Engine 1500cc
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Fair

Owner says
FIRM on price. Lower offers will not be considered. Thank you for understanding!

This was a barn find! It sat for at least 10 years in the garage. I have good pics documenting it's removal. On the fence to sell or restore, but other projects are taking priority.

Runs, drives, stops, lights work! Test drives absolutely welcome.

VERY minor rust in places. Small holes in the floor as seen in pics. Was previously covered with Fiberglass. (which can be replaced with available pieces.) Whole floor does not need to be replaced.

I have a guy who gave a very good estimate to bring this truck back to new, including welding all the replacement panels. Ask me about it when we talk about the truck.

Completely rebuilt carb by Volkzbitz. New gas tank.

Cargo floor has rust around the gas tank, and should be replaced. Pic showing rust.

I have EVERYTHING except the replacement patches to restore this including:

New Complete bench seat rebuild materials from sewfine.
NEW safari window kit
New weatherstripping and seals for everything.
New brakes for all 4 corners and brake master cylinder.
New door panels, kick panels, head liner, screws
Engine gasket set, clutch kit
New tires
New gas tank

The treasure chest compartment is completely packed full of new parts. Nothing else will fit!

With its specifications laid bare, including a 1500cc engine and an assembly line origin in Germany, this Single Cab stands as a prime candidate for restoration. Clad in a dignified grey hue, it wears its age with pride, showcasing signs of minor rust and wear, yet retaining an overall excellent condition.

The current owner, while firm on price, presents a compelling case for the truck's potential. Having sat dormant for at least a decade, its recent awakening reveals a vehicle that still runs, drives, and stops admirably. While minor rust spots mar its surface, the promise of a thorough restoration looms large, with a comprehensive list of replacement parts and components waiting to breathe new life into this automotive relic.

From rebuilt carburetors to a plethora of new interior and exterior fittings, the Single Cab comes bundled with everything needed to embark on a journey of resurrection. With the treasure chest compartment brimming with fresh parts, it stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Volkswagen craftsmanship.

For those with a discerning eye and a penchant for restoration, this 1960 Volkswagen Single Cab represents more than just a vintage vehicle; it embodies a piece of automotive heritage waiting to be rediscovered and revitalized. As it sits in Escondido, California, it beckons to be the center of attention once again, cruising the open road with the same vigor and charm as it did over six decades ago.

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