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1963 VW Bus Walk Through Panel

Oct 3, 2017

1963 VW Bus Walk Through Panel

Rediscovering Classic Charm: 1963 VW Bus Walk Through Panel


In the realm of automotive nostalgia, few vehicles capture the essence of an era quite like the 1963 VW Bus Walk Through Panel. Nestled within the palm-lined streets of Bonita, California, an enticing offer beckons seekers of vintage allure. This immaculately restored marvel, once a humble workhorse, now stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and enduring charm.

Embracing its heritage, this iconic Volkswagen Panel boasts a lineage traced back to the bustling assembly lines of Germany. Resplendent in Dove Blue, its exterior exudes a timeless allure that harks back to an era of carefree exploration and communal journeys. Yet, beneath its classic facade lies a contemporary heart, embodied in a robust 2300cc engine that promises spirited adventures on any terrain.

Year 1963
Type T1B
Model Panel Van
Color Dove Blue
Engine 2300cc
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Excellent

Owner says
Trades including 420, One of a kind 1963 Split Window walk through Original German made panel Bus. As you know only 5% of these gernan buses were made like this. Full nut and bolt restoration from top to bottom. COST OVER $50,000 TO BUILD. Custom FULL Birch and leather Camper interior .
Just REDUCE price and Motivated to sell Quickly.
This interior has been hand build piece by piece by a Master interior builder here locallly in San Diego he has built several famous camper interiors and it's incredible work. .
Bus was built with no expense spared. Cost over 50k to build in this manner.


Full bare metal prior to paint restoration.
The engine is also a one of a kind with a 2300 CC stroker
All aluminum Empi case heads and muffler just to start and new 42 empi carbs.

Forge Cams
Big oil swamp.
Racing pistons
Freeway flyer
And yes all brakes shocks and suspension is all new.
I can keep going on all the work done but to save time just look at the awesome pictures.
More pictures and information by request several more pictures available
International buyers welcome we will assist with shipping

What truly sets this 1963 VW Bus apart is its transformation into a bespoke camper, a sanctuary on wheels for intrepid travelers. The interior, a labor of love crafted by a seasoned artisan in San Diego, marries functionality with elegance. Adorned in full Birch and sumptuous leather, every inch reflects a commitment to excellence, evoking a sense of wanderlust and homecoming simultaneously.

For the discerning enthusiast, the owner's testament resonates with passion and pride. A testament to the painstaking restoration process, every nut and bolt bears witness to a journey of reverence and dedication. From the gleaming bare metal to the meticulously tuned engine, no expense has been spared in resurrecting this automotive icon to its former glory.

In an age where mass production reigns supreme, the allure of a rare gem like the 1963 VW Bus Walk Through Panel shines ever brighter. With international buyers welcomed and shipping assistance offered, its allure transcends borders, promising new horizons to those who dare to embark on its journey.

As the sun sets on another day in Bonita, California, the legacy of this vintage marvel endures, beckoning adventurers to rediscover the joy of the open road. With each mile traveled, it whispers tales of bygone days and invites new memories to be etched upon its storied canvas. For those who seek not just transportation, but an experience steeped in history and character, the 1963 VW Bus Walk Through Panel stands ready to embrace the next chapter in its timeless saga.

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