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1969 VW Panel Frenchslammer

Dec 22, 2012

French Flair on a German Classic: A 1969 VW Panel Bus Emerges from the Archives


Gearheads and nostalgia enthusiasts, rejoice! A rare gem has emerged from the archives: a stunning 1969 Volkswagen Panel Bus, lovingly nicknamed a "Frenchslammer," awaits its new owner. This iconic vehicle, meticulously maintained and boasting a unique European pedigree, is a dream come true for those seeking a head-turning classic with a twist.

Built in Germany in 1969, this VW Panel Bus falls under the T2A designation, signifying its place within the second generation of these beloved vehicles. The "Panel" designation indicates its enclosed cargo area, offering a blank canvas for customization or ample storage space for adventures on the open road.

Year 1969
Type T2A
Model Panel
Color Dove Blue
Engine 1500cc Single Port
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Good

  • Front narrowed beam Ball Joint (Vintage Autohaus)
  • Dropped spindle Ball Joint (Vintage Autohaus)
  • Front disk 5/205 CSP
  • Rear adjustable plates (Vintage Autohaus)
  • 4 KYB Schocks
  • 4 BBT Sprint star GT
  • 2 165/50/15 on front
  • 2 195/65/15 on rear
  • 1500 single port engine with 4en1 muffler

The standout feature of this VW Panel Bus lies in its name - "Frenchslammer." This moniker hints at the expert modifications performed in Cuzorn, France. The skilled hands of a European auto enthusiast have transformed this classic with a "slammed" suspension, bringing the body closer to the ground for a lowered, sleeker profile. This customization, alongside the lowered spindle and front disc brakes, promises a more dynamic driving experience while retaining the van's iconic silhouette.

Further enhancing its appeal, the bus boasts an original Dove Blue paint job that's 95% intact, a testament to its exceptional condition. The complete absence of rust adds another layer of reassurance to potential buyers. A French MOT (similar to an MOT test in the UK) ensures the vehicle meets all necessary safety standards.

Under the hood, a reliable 1500cc single-port engine purrs, ready to propel this beauty on countless journeys. The addition of a 4-into-1 muffler hints at a potentially sportier exhaust note, adding to the overall character of this French-modified masterpiece.

This 1969 VW Panel Bus transcends its utilitarian origins. With its European touch and timeless design, it's a true collector's item and a guaranteed conversation starter wherever it goes. So, if you're seeking a unique blend of classic charm, European flair, and head-turning modifications, this "Frenchslammer" VW Panel Bus might be the perfect vehicle for you.

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