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1959 Double Door Panel

Written By Admin on Dec 25, 2012 | December 25, 2012

VW Bus for Sale, 1959 SLAMMED Double Door Panel


Year of construction 1959. Slammed VW double door panel for sale in LAS VEGAS, Nevada, USA on good condition, Color Dove Blue, Late 59 (Dec) With 1960 characteristics. It’s a solid rust free bus. To say the least, the bus is far from perfect, but it does look cool!

Exterior & Interior:
Lowered with a custom made front beam. It is narrowed 5 inches with 2/12 dropped spindles, and the steering box is raised for additional clearance. The rear was lowered with a “Bus Boy “ kit, using long axle tubes. Front and rear safari windows.
Dog legs, rockers, floors, body painted were all replaced and do it at 5 years ago. Now it appears a lot of bondo may have been used and has since bubbled up in two small areas caused by weather of the Las Vegas heat. have scratches from a garage door incident, and also from a minor fender bender that only affected the bumper. Also I had a blow out and the tread separated from the tire, and some damage occurred to the wheel well.

Bat Wing on steering wheel. Have interior door panels and a nose panel ready to be fitted and upholstered.

Engine :
Rebuilt 2276. It has a 82 crank, straight cut gears, stock stroker rods, 125 cam, scat lifters, 94 Mahle pistons, 42X37 heads with solid shaft rockers, Bug Pack bolt-on valve covers, Dual 44IDF Webers, MSD and an A1 exhaust. The transmission is freeway flyer. It rolls on Torker wheels.

Condition: 3 Good
(the highest professional standards or a perfect original car in every area, appearing and driving as new)

Volkswagen Transporter
Year 1959
Type T1
Model Double Door Panel
Color Dove Blue
Engine 2276cc
Made in Germany
Condition Good


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