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VW Kombi Last Edition Goes to Hannover

Jan 26, 2014

VW Kombi Last Edition Retires in Hannover Museum

September 2013, Volkswagen officially discontinuation of the Type 2 Kombi production in Brazil. Volkswagen marked "the Farewell" with the launch 600 units "VW Kombi Last Edition". But the reality is different.

The Fact:
Volkswagen has planned to build just 600 units the Kombi Last Edition with the price tag is not cheap, 85,000 BRL or about US$35,600 / €26,700 / unit, however the demand was so strong, coming from Brazil and Europe. Thus forcing Volkswagen to change the plan, that it had to produce 1,200 units of VW Kombi Last Edition.

December 2013, 1 unit last of the last ever VW Kombi from the T2 series rolled off the Sao Paulo assembly line. This the 1,200th model wasn’t for sale, he will come to Germany, and then he will be one representative for display at the VW Commercial Vehicles museum in Hannover, Germany.

Year 2013
Type T2
Model 56 anos - Kombi Last Edition
Color Baby Blue and white
Engine 1.4-liter flex-fuel, water-cooled engine
four-speed manual transmission
78hp running on gasoline
80hp running on pure ethanol
Made in Brazil
Condition Excellent

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Photo by auto-news.de
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