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Rare Project, 1973 VW Sportsmobile Camper

Jul 18, 2017

Rare Project, 1973 VW Sportmobile Camper

VW Bus for Sale, Rare Project, 1973 VW Sportsmobile Camper


Year of construction 1973. VW Sportsmobile Camper for sale in Gilbert, Arizona. Found this interesting camper van being offered for sale as a rust free project for $5000 it's unusual VW Camper model were you can see often like Westy or Riviera. Made by Sportsmobile based on 1973 Volkswagen T2B commonly known as late bay window bus fitted with a large pop top that pops straight up providing more room at loft than the Westfalia.

Found this one was listed at Craigslist all looks promising by limited photos, described as a very potential example to restore, unfortunately the interior and engine shots not provided. The seller claims it's easy to make it worth back, is said runs, drives and stop with solid body frame but will needs interior work.

Year 1973
Type T2B
Model Sportsmobile Camper
Color White - Orange
Engine Air cooled 2000cc
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Fair

Details by owner
This bus is rust free. It is also a carbureted van, not fuel injected. It is not a westy, but it is a very cool camper van called a Sportsmobile.

Here are some specifics.

Clean title.
1973 baywindow bus.
Runs, drives and stops.
I think the vacuum advance is messed up as it is sluggish on acceleration.
There is no rust cancer.
Cool patina.
This needs interior work.
It needs tires.
You wont drive it home, but it is an easy project.

Yes all look promising from here, if you are newbie don't be fooled trying to fix up this camper, before read what we thinks here.

The interior can rebuilt and renovated as you wish then installed new tires, new brakes to making worthy, and new paint to make pretty then all done, but wait it's cannot apply to the engine section. It's not that simple, obviously the main concern is the engine, needs rebuilt how far it take? you should come to inspection and test ride, like the restoration of a fourtyfour-year-old motor, this engine can turn into endless money pits that cause more grief than pleasure.

If you're interested should come to closer inspection to find out how wide of works required. Don't worry if you have a deep wallet there are many experts out there, they can do it for you then mission complete.

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