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1972 VW Camper Bus

Nov 19, 2022

1972 VW Camper Bus For Sale

VW Bus for Sale, 1972 VW Camper Bus Newport Beach, California


Year of construction 1972. VW Camper Bus for sale in Newport Beach, California. Although it does not have the same appeal and value as a Type 2 Samba, the second generation of Type 2 was designed with many upgrades and is better in comfort and power. Against the background of this improvement, the second generation is widely used as a camping conversion vehicle where you can carry a stove, refrigerator, sink, and all outdoor equipment into it. It's more fun at a reasonable price than Samba. Usually, camper conversion based on the 1970 Type 2 shows impressive qualities.

Condition: Good
(the highest professional standards or a perfect original car in every area, appearing and driving as new)

Year 1972
Type T2A
Model Camper Bus
Color Green
Engine 2000cc
Assembly Line Germany
Condition Good

A Blast from the Past: The 1972 VW Camper Bus Story
In 1950, Volkswagen introduced the Type 2, a multi-purpose van based on the popular Beetle. This boxy beauty quickly gained a reputation for its durability, affordability, and surprisingly spacious interior. By 1967, the iconic rounded windshield design, known as the "Bay Window," became a signature feature.

The 1972 model year saw some refinements to the engine and electrical system, but the overall charm remained. Companies like Westfalia in Germany offered pre-built camper van interiors, complete with kitchens, beds, and even pop-up tops for additional sleeping space. These "Westfalias" became the ultimate road trip companion, fueling a counter-culture movement that embraced exploration and living off the grid.

Details by owner
1972 VW Camper Bus. 2000 CC Single Carb Motor, fold out couch and table, pop up top with sleeping area. Runs great. Rust around rain gutters that needs to be fixed.

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